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Barunga Statement

The Barunga Statement presented to the Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke

Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM gifting a bark painting to Hon Bob Hawke AC at the 1988 Barunga Sport and Cultural Festival.

In 1988, many Aboriginal tribes gathered at the Barunga Sports and Cultural Festival in the Northern Territory and presented to the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Bob Hawke a statement written on bark. It became known as the Barunga Statement which called for recognition of a wide range of Indigenous rights including a Treaty.

Barunga Statement

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We, the Indigenous owners and occupiers of Australia, call on the Australian Government and people to recognise our rights:

We call on the Commonwealth to pass laws providing:

We call on the Australian Government to support Aborigines in the development of an international declaration of principles for indigenous rights, leading to an international covenant.

And we call on the Commonwealth Parliament to negotiate with us a Treaty recognising our prior ownership, continued occupation and sovereignty and affirming our human rights and freedom.