Transcript: AIATSIS 50th Anniversary summary video

Video length: 3 minutes, 50 seconds

Speakers: Jack Thompson, Actor. Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Rachel Perkins. Russell Taylor, AIATSIS Principal. Professor Mick Dodson, AIATSIS Chairperson

Jack Thompson: The thing about this ancient cultural continuum that it's the culture of people who... It was a largely non-material culture. So there aren’t buildings and books, but there is this extraordinary continuum and it's recorded here and that’s what important about this institution.

PM Tony Abbott: For half a century you have recorded language, family histories and your connection to the land. You are documenting a rich heritage and I honour you for your work.

Rachel Perkins: I wouldn't have been able to make the films I have done without AIATSIS. AIATSIS to me is one of the most precious things in this country. It holds the memory of our people.

Principal Russ Taylor: It's really quite fitting to have a 50 cent commemorative coin symbolically celebrating the five decades of our work in aboriginal and Torres Strait islander research, in the preservation of our collections, and, of course, in our publication.

PM Tony Abbott: It is a national treasure. It is a national treasure for each one of us.

Professor Mick Dodson: The institute will continue to grow and adapt to ensure it has the best minds from across the country and around the world to further develop, protect, and showcase this very, very unique collection. But I hope that the plan I’ve outlined will ensure that in 2064, in another 50 years, the AIATSIS is an institution that Menzies, Stanner, and Wentworth, as well as all of us here today, can be proud of. As will though who will be young Australians in 2064. Galiya Mabu. Thank you.